Keep your website running smoothly

Think of your website as a car; it requires tyre replacements, oil changes and general upkeep. 

Our affordable website maintenance packages provide comprehensive services that range from website hosting and domain security to plugin updates, problem resolution and content updates.

Your Hosting Options: Choose the Perfect Plan

Flexible, Comprehensive Packages Tailored to Your Business Needs



per month

Super-fast website hosting

Guaranteed 24/7 uptime

SSL certificate / Security padlock

Daily website backups



per month

Get all Hosting features, PLUS:

Enhanced security

Free domain name (£15 value)

1 hour of design edits each month

Monthly traffic & analytics reports

Annual web design review

Regular plugin & theme updates

Technical support via email

Why do you need web HOSTING?

Why do you need web HOSTING?

Web hosting is an essential requirement for any website to function and be accessible on the internet. It provides the necessary storage space and server power to store website files, connect domain names, and ensure reliable uptime for visitors.

In addition to these fundamental functions, web hosting often includes valuable features such as tech support, security measures, backup and recovery capabilities, and a more professional appearance for your online presence.

While we are more than happy to work with your preferred hosting service, we also offer our own affordable hosting services and maintenance plans. We understand that reliable and efficient web hosting is vital for the success of your website and online presence.

Why do you need web maintenance?

Save time

Is your idea of fun being sat on the sofa at 9:20pm on a random Tuesday, laptop open staring at a WordPress dashboard desperately attempting to fix an error message that’s showing on your website? Didn’t think so! That’s why we take care of the technical updates on your website, so you can sleep easy.

Keep your website secure

We're committed to maintaining the fortress around your website against those hacker hordes and malicious viruses. With our robust security measures in place, we vigilantly monitor your website's safety, and do our best to keep those pesky invaders with dubious intentions at bay.

Peace of mind

Everything to do with your website hosting and upkeep is taken care of by us. No need for you to carve out time from your busy schedule for updates. We've got it all handled, ensuring you can breathe a sigh of relief while you concentrate on steering your business to success.

1 payment to 1 company

You’ll make one payment to one company (that's us), instead of juggling multiple bills for your website hosting, updates, plugin licenses, and security software. Sounds convenient, right? Trust us, not only will you find it a breeze to manage, but your accountant will also be singing your praises!

Access to Expertise

When you choose a maintenance plan, you have a professional on standby who understands your website and can respond to any issues promptly. This can be particularly useful if you experience technical difficulties or need to make changes to your website.

Save money on plugins

Websites demand various plugins for smooth operations, which can get costly. To ease this, our maintenance plans include plugin licenses worth £500+/year, saving you from the mounting expenses. Isn't that some serious saving?

Regular Backups

Our maintenance plans include regular backups of your website. This means that even if something goes wrong, your data will be safe and can be restored quickly, reducing downtime and potential loss of business.

Improved Performance

A well-maintained website offers enhanced performance. Regular updates, checks, and tweaks can significantly improve site speed and loading times, contributing to a better user experience and potentially improving your site's search engine rankings.

Emergency Support

In the event of a website crisis, having a dedicated service handling your maintenance means you've got support ready. This could range from fixing a critical bug to restoring a hacked website.

SEO Benefits

Keeping your website up-to-date and running smoothly can also have SEO benefits. Search engines prefer websites that are secure, run efficiently, and have the latest updates.



Elevate your website with our expert web design, hosting, and maintenance services. From stunning designs to user-friendly interfaces, we bring your vision to life.

Our professional hosting and maintenance plans ensure security, updates and optimal performance. Whether starting from scratch or enhancing your existing website, we’ve got you covered.

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