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Clients and customers are your business’s lifeblood, your business is bringing them a solution to a problem they need help with. Without clients and customers, your business simply won’t grow, instead, it will sink like a ship with a huge hole in its hull.

So the burning question many have is: Where do I find my ideal client?!

Let’s get real here, you don’t need to wait for clients to come to you. In fact, if you play this way you’ll grind your business down, and even sometimes to a halt. You started your business to solve problems, and that’s why you need to play it in a different way. Businesses that want to grow, need to adopt a toolbelt of growth tactics, which includes putting in the effort.

So stop the default behaviour of thinking clients will come to you or by just recommendations – it’s time to get your business out there – and one of the best places to be present is social media.

Here are some tips to help you find more customers using social platforms.

Lets start at the beginning:

1 – Social Platform
Choose a social media platform where you can serve your customers/clients better. This means researching where your ideal clients are and start understanding you need to move your business to talk to them on the platforms where they are the most active.

2 – Build Your Profile
Sign up for a social media platform, and use a profile picture that’s professional yet fun. Make your bio work for you, there are a few words you can use to capture the interest of your audience. Post on a schedule that suits you. This is your reminder: You DON’T need to post on social media multiple times a day on 7 different social media platforms – this will lead to absolute burnout, and you’ll not find the time to build proper connections.

3 – Find Niches That Resonate
Start building confidence and relationships by creating content that YOU are comfortable with. There’s no point in having big ideas to do video content if really your truest desire is to write. Yes, you should push your boundaries and challenge yourself, but your happiness here is key. Once you have found the content type which suits you, start building connections with people who share the same vision/hobbies as you. This will start the conversation, even if you have to reach out first.

4 – Engage Naturally
We don’t go to social events and sell to ‘Tom’ right off the bat. We chat, we take an interest, and we see if we have common ground. We don’t say our name and ask them to book a call with us or pull out a business card in the first seconds of interaction. It’s no different in business when you do engage, don’t be spammy or sales-y. Be natural. We’re building connections, the selling comes at a later stage.